Maersk, NOAA, SUNY Maritime College and the American Salvage Association Recognized For Marine Environment Protection Efforts

Clay Maitland, Founding Chairman of the North American Marine Environment Protection Association (NAMEPA), announced the recipients of NAMEPA’s 2012 Marine Environment Protection Awards.  Maersk is the winner of the Corporate Award; NOAA for the Government Agency category; SUNY Maritime College for Education; and the American Salvage Association (ASA) the non-profit/NGO … [Read more...]

Clay Maitland Named to Board of Glacier Society

Clay Maitland, managing partner of International Registries LLC (which administers the Marshall Islands ship registry, the world's third largest), Founding Chairman of  the North American Marine Environment Protection Association (NAMEPA), member of the United States Coast Guard Foundation board and former Chairman of the National Maritime Historical Society has been named to … [Read more...]

Shipping’s “Tin Ear”

- by Clay Maitland In two months, the great, the good, and the not-so-great-or-good will gather at the annual three-day Jamboree of the Connecticut Maritime Association (CMA).  One of the hardy perennial topics is sure to be “the image of shipping.”  Although the present economic challenges facing the industry are likely to overshadow most worries about our … [Read more...]

Symbols of US Maritime Decline

By Clay Maitland, Our government's present inability to land a cargo of gasoline via a U.S.-flagged vessel in icebound Nome, Alaska, symbolizes the shortage of foresight of our maritime policy makers.  We are unable to provide a U.S.-flagged ice-strengthened tanker to lift cargo between points in the United States (within Alaska), and will apparently have to secure the … [Read more...]

King’s Point – A Heritage Worth Saving

By Clay Maitland Every year, the cadets and faculty of the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy hold a dinner, known as the Battle Standard.  It commemorates the cadets who have lost their lives in various American wars, while on active service.  Primarily, it memorializes the 142 who died on duty during the Second World War.  The most famous of these was Edwin J. O'Hara, who won … [Read more...]