Singapore Shipping Company Sanctioned Over North Korea Ties

  SINGAPORE, July 24 (Reuters) - Singapore-based Senat Shipping said on Friday it had done nothing illegal and that it was unreasonable to be put on a U.S. sanctions list for alleged connection with a blacklisted North Korean shipping company. The U.S. Department of Treasury on Thursday listed Senat, arguing it had supported Ocean Maritime Management Company (OMMC), … [Read more...]

Panama Orders Release of North Korean Crew

PANAMA CITY, June 27 (Reuters) - A Panamanian court on Friday ordered the release of three North Korean ship officers who were jailed after they were caught smuggling Cuban weapons through the Central American country. The court absolved the captain and two officers, ruling that charges against them fell outside of Panama's jurisdiction, the country's judicial authority said … [Read more...]

North Koreans Agree to Pay Panama for Seized Ship

Panama's Foreign Minister, Fernando Nunez Fabrega, announced today that the government of North Korea has agreed to pay a $667 million thousand fine to free the sailors and the North Korean ship, Chong Chon Gang which has been detained since July of last year. The fine, which was initally set at $1 million, was imposed by the Panama Canal Authority when the ship was found to … [Read more...]

Panama Freeing Most Of North Korean Crew in Smuggled Arms Case, Captain Still Held

By Lomi Kriel PANAMA CITY, Nov 27 (Reuters) - Panama is freeing most of the 35 North Korean crew members it detained more than four months ago for smuggling Cuban weapons aboard a ship, a senior government official said on Wednesday. Tomas Cabal, head of the anti-terrorism section of Panama's Foreign Ministry, said 32 of the crew of the Chong Chon Gang would be freed and … [Read more...]

Panama To Send Detained North Korean Crew, Ship Home

By Lomi L. Kriel PANAMA CITY, Oct 17 (Reuters) - The North Korean crew and ship detained in Panama for smuggling Cuban weapons three months ago will soon be returned to the reclusive Asian nation, Panama's foreign minister said Thursday. The crew's return would mark the end of a bizarre chapter between the three countries that provoked international controversy after the … [Read more...]