Marine Lubricants Manufacturers Shift to 100BN Oil

In response to studies done by engine manufacturers MAN Diesel and Wärtsilä, top marine lubricants suppliers are making a big shift toward higher base number oils in order to deal with the growing issue of "cold corrosion." This issue is primarily due to lower temperatures and higher pressures found within newer 2-stroke engine designs, noted BP Castrol Marketing … [Read more...]

Castrol Maintains Approach on Higher BN Cylinder Lubricants

Tighter regulations covering sulphur emissions, which imposes limits on the sulphur content of the heavy fuel oil (HFO) burned has become an important consideration for many shipping companies seeking the most efficient cylinder oil feed rate to lubricate their two-stroke crosshead main engines. Operating on reduced power (slow steaming) in pursuit of lower bunker … [Read more...]

Wartsila Advice Confirms Castrol Concerns on Single Oils

Castrol Marine has welcomed new guidance from Wärtsilä that undermines claims that mid-range base number (BN) oils represent a single cylinder oil solution for marine 2-stroke engines. The advice confirms Castrol's long-held concerns that using mid-range BN cylinder oils with higher sulphur fuels when slow steaming could lead to cold corrosion. The engine major has withdrawn … [Read more...]

Castrol Marine Extends Cyltech 80AW Availability

A message from gCaptain sponsor, Castrol Marine Port availability of premium 80 BN cylinder oil from Castrol Marine is widened to account for growing demand. ”We have responded to increasing demand from our customers for wider availability of our Cyltech 80 AW cylinder oil by expanding the supply network from five to 35 ports in key regions,” says David Goosey, … [Read more...]

New Advice to Ship Owners on Scavenge Drain Oil Analysis Methods

Concerns over increased risk of corrosive wear in cross-head engines have prompted Castrol Marine to renew its advice to ship owners regarding best practice in scavenge drain oil analysis (SDA) methods. The lubricant supplier says it is not convinced that some widely used SDA techniques are sufficiently rigorous to identify all forms of wear, including corrosive … [Read more...]