“Maritime Matters” to the US Pacific Northwest

- By Vigor Marine They don't call it "shipping" for nothing. Worldwide, as much as 90 percent of the goods that move around the globe move by ship or by sea. In the United States alone, that amounts more than four trillion tons worth of water-carried trade every year. Nationwide, maritime industries: Move by vessel almost half (44 percent in the most recent statistics … [Read more...]

Ultra-deepwater Free Standing Hybrid Riser Installation (VIDEO)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e5KQMlwV3Lg This video shows the actual installation of the bouyancy cans currently supporting the Free Standing Hybrid Risers (FSHR) used by Petrobras America to produce the ultra deepwater Cascade and Chinook fields.  The installation was a cooperation between Technip USA and Jumbo Offshore. These FSHRs are the deepest risers of this type … [Read more...]

Setback in the Gulf for Petrobras: BW Pioneer drops a production riser, Cascade and Chinook shut in (Update)

gCaptain just received news that on 25 23 March, one of Petrobras' 8000-foot long production risers fell to the sea floor after the chain connecting it to its massive bouyancy can failed.  There are no reports of any hydrocarbon release, however it will likely take some time before Cascade and Chinook will be ready to start production again.   The news comes just 8 6 days after … [Read more...]

The Anatomy of Allisions

The Anatomy of Allisions By Captain John G. Denham. The recent accidents on the waters of San Francisco Bay has triggered the attention of maritime afficiando and many others. 7 November 2007 the COSCO BUSAN allided with the San Francisco Bay Bridge and spilled thousands of gallons of fuel oil in the bay. On 11 January 2008 the barge CASCADE allided with the bridge at … [Read more...]