Ship Photo of the Day – Holed Carla Maersk in Dry Dock

The MT Carla Maersk sits in a Bahamas dry dock on May 5, 2015 for repairs following a collision with the Conti Peridot bulk carrier in the Houston Ship Channel on March 9th. The photos below give you a good idea of the extent of damage sustained by the vessel. The Carla Maersk ended up spilling an unknown quantity of the toxic fuel additive MTBE, closing the Channel for … [Read more...]

Listen: Houston Ship Channel Collision Full Radio Transmission

Here's a copy of the radio transmission from the collision involving the outbound chemical tanker MT Carla Maersk and the inbound MV Conti Peridot on March 9th in the Houston Ship Channel. The audio was released to coincide with the release of the NTSB's Preliminary Marine Accident Report issued today (April 3, 2015). In the audio, you hear the pilots being warned about … [Read more...]

Houston Ship Channel Collision: NTSB’s Preliminary Marine Accident Report

The NTSB on Friday released its Preliminary Marine Accident Report on the March 9th collision between the chemical tanker MT Carla Maersk and MV Conti Peridot in the Houston Ship Channel near Morgan’s Point in upper Galveston Bay. The collision resulted in damage to the both vessels and the spillage of the fuel additive MTBE from the Carla Maersk. The Houston Ship Channel was … [Read more...]

Houston Ship Channel Fully Reopened

The Houston Ship Channel was fully reopened Thursday morning after initial salvage plans on a damaged chemical tanker were completed and the ship was successfully moved the vessel from the Channel to Barbour's Cut turning basin. The MT Carla Maersk suffered significant damage following a collision midday Monday with the bulk carrier Conti Peridot near Morgan's Point, Texas. … [Read more...]