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Sunday, March 2, 2014
Maritime News

“Captain Phillips” Up For Six Oscars – Update

The blockbuster film "Captain Phillips" up for a total of 6 Oscar Nominations including Best Picture and Best Supporting Actor for the first-time Somali actor

March 2, 2014
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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Captain Phillips Movie Hero or Lawsuit Villian?

By Paul M. Barrett, Bloomberg The big movie this weekend is the well-reviewed Captain Phillips, a high-seas piracy drama based on a 2009 hijacking in which

October 12, 2013
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Thursday, October 10, 2013

‘Captain Phillips’ Torn From the Headlines, But Tells an Old Story

By Patricia Zengerle WASHINGTON, Oct 10 (Reuters) – Paul Greengrass’ new thriller, “Captain Phillips,” is torn from the headlines, but

October 10, 2013
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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

‘Captain Phillips’ Star Abdi Finds A Risk Worth Taking In Debut

Barkhad Abdi, a tall wisp of a man with a narrow face and a wide grin, sat on the sofa in his hotel suite with one eye on the television and another on a view

October 9, 2013
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