Brazil Awaits Triple 5 Lifeboat Hook Check

Brazil's Maritime Casualty Investigation Department of the Brazilian Navy's Directorate of Ports and Coasts is awaiting a report on a Triple 5 lifeboat release mechanism to complete its investigation into the release of a lifeboat from the semisubmersible drilling rig Ocean Ambassador. Two died and two others were seriously injured when a twin-fall lifeboat from the Diamond … [Read more...]

Cowards On The Bridge

Cowardice is rarely an adjective that MAC has ever applied to seafarers. It is one that we do so now, for a particularly shameful breed of gutless and incompetent masters who clearly ignored the pleas of a vessel in distress. Every single one of these ‘officers' lacked the leadership, and the sense of honour required of their rank. For now the names of these creatures who … [Read more...]

Master Of The Alien Invasion – Captain First to be Charged Under US Anti-Invasive Species Law

Master Of The Alien Invasion Chief Officer Charles P. Posas, has scored a dubious first in legal history. He is the first person to be charged with a violation of the US Anti-Invasive Species Law in addition to two felony counts of lying to the Coast Guard and violating recordkeeping laws. His superior, Captain Panagiotis Lekkas, is charged with violating anti-pollution … [Read more...]

If Only Kudos Went Further Than Money – LL/NI Awards

Photo By OneEighteen Your car's parked in the lot outside a roadside diner, well off the road, when a another vehicle pulling a trailer passes. As it passes the trailer breaks free and ploughs into your car, rupturing the petrol tank and spilling fuel. So the police arrest you because you should have assumed that the trailer would break free of the vehicle and parked … [Read more...]

Tounges of Fire – MAC Podcast

Bob Couttie of Maritime Accident Casebook has a new and interesting podcast up on his site; The Case Of The Tongues Of Fire. Fire is the third biggest major ship incident, behind collisions and groundings, and costs as many lives as man-overboard, enclosed space accidents and lifeboat incidents. As The Case Of The Tongues Of Fire, the latest episode in the Maritime Accident … [Read more...]