Grounded Tanker ‘Arca 1’ Refloated in Nova Scotia

The grounded bunkering tanker Arca 1 has been successfully refloated and is now secure in Sydney Harbour, Nova Scotia. The Canadian Coast Guard reported that no pollution was observed throughout the operation to free the vessel from the Cape Breton coast near Sydney Mines. The operation to tow the Arca 1 commenced at high tide on Sunday after being delayed last week due … [Read more...]

Salvors Suspend Operation to Refloat Grounded ‘Arca 1’ Tanker in Nova Scotia – Update

The Canadian Coast Guard is continuing to monitor the environmental response and salvage of the grounded Arca 1 bunkering tanker off Sydney Mines in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. An update from the Coast Guard on Tuesday said the hull of the vessel remains intact and no pollution has been observed around the vessel. The update said a tow line has been attached to the vessel and … [Read more...]

Bunkering Tanker ‘Arca 1’ Aground in Nova Scotia

The Canadian Coast Guard is responding to the grounding of a bunkering tanker off Sydney Mines, Nova Scotia after the vessel experience engine failure. Canada's Dept. of Fisheries and Oceans reported the M/V Arca 1 ran aground at about 10 a.m. Sunday outside Sydney Harbour with 6 crew members on board. By end of day Sunday all six crew had been … [Read more...]