WATCH: Runaway Anchor Chain Causes Chaos and Fire A very chaotic situation indeed as this anchor chain control malfunctioned and dropped unconstricted. Most surprisingly, deckhands can be seen scurrying about in the video risking life and limb in the presence of such an unpredictable and violent force as an free falling anchor chain. Luckily the shrapnel produced by the eventual … [Read more...]

Maersk Wins 4-Year Contract from Petrobras to Launch Some Badass Anchors

Maersk Supply Service has won three new contracts with the Brazilian state owned oil company Petrobras (SAO:PETR3) for anchor handling tug supply (AHTS) services offshore Brazil. These 4-year contracts commencing in December 2012 are valued at approximately DKK 1.6 billion (USD $285 million) and have been assigned to Maerk's L-type vessels, MÆRSK LEADER, MÆRSK LANCER and … [Read more...]

Two Anchors Are Better Than One – A Look at a Ship’s Most Underutilized Tools

The GPS was set on anchor watch, range and bearings were calculated on the radar, and a pair of landmarks around Mobile Bay had been sighted on the gyro repeater. It was my first time anchoring a large drillship, and my precise location was all I knew with complete certainty. Drillships are constructed around generic hull designs. The modern drillship is essentially a … [Read more...]

Anchor and Mooring Gear – A History

Chief Mate Andre van Schoonhoven of the new cruise ship Eurodam gives us the history of classifying anchors. He writes; Traditionally ships were anchored using large hemp hawsers called cables. In 1836 the use of iron chains had become so common in the English merchant service and their superiority so well recognized, that the underwriters ceased to charge a higher … [Read more...]