Australia Revokes MV Jawan’s Livestock Carriage Certificate

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) has revoked the Australian Certificate for the Carriage of Livestock (ACCL) for the Panamanian-flagged livestock carrier, MV Jawan, because the vessel’s approved stability data could not be verified. The Jawan was scheduled to depart from the port of Portland on a journey from Australia to Pakistan today after the vessel’s … [Read more...]

Australia Detains ‘Unseaworthy’ Ship, Arrests Owners

Inspectors with the Australian Maritime Safety Authority detained the Australian-flagged MV Tomin in the Port of Yamba, New South Wales last week after determining the vessel to be unseaworthy, substandard and a threat to the marine environment. Two of the vessel's owners were arrested on board, charged with operating an unseaworthy and substandard vessel.  AMSA … [Read more...]

Australia Bans Cargo Ship Over Maritime Labour Convention Violations

Australia has banned the Liberian-flagged containership MSC Kia Ora from its ports for three months due violations of international crew welfare laws after the operator failed to pay crew wages in full and on time, in addition to other detainable deficiencies. MSC Kia Ora is operated by Vega-Reederei, the same company which operated the Vega Auriga, which AMSA banned over … [Read more...]

Bulk Carrier Banned from Australia After Caught Underpaying Crew

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) has banned the Panama-flagged bulk carrier DL Carnation from entering Australian ports for one year after the vessel was caught underpaying crew wages. The AMSA was first alerted to the offense on September 8 when it received a complaint via the International Transport Workers’ Federation alleging discrepancies in the payment … [Read more...]