Japan’s navy head sacked over fatal crash

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation is reporting the head of Japan's Navy (a civilian)  has been removed in the wake of the sinking of a fishing vessel by an Aegis Class Destroyer last month.  This news comes after the Admiral in charge of Japan's Maritime Self Defense was removed. The original gCaptain post is here. The ABC post is here. … [Read more...]

Agato Destroyer Collision: Bridge Management Questions

The bow and stern parts of the Seitoku Maru fishing boat are lifted onto the deck of a salvage barge Wednesday off Tateyama in Chiba Prefecture. Two fishermen from the boat were still missing on Wednesday. (TSUYOSHI TAKEDA/ THE ASAHI SHIMBUN) A number of sources are beginning to flush out the circumstances surrounding the collision between the Japanese Aegis class … [Read more...]

Don’t forget to tell the boss – Admiral Sacked

A short follow up to yesterday's post: 72 ColRegs and a Japanese Destroyer Japanese Defense Minister Shigeru Ishiba has decided to dismiss Maritime Self-Defense Force (MSDF) Chief of Staff Eiji Yoshikawa over failure to report a ship collision in time on Tuesday, Japanese media reported Friday. Yoshikawa waited ninety minutes to inform higher ups. The full report is at … [Read more...]

72 ColRegs and a Japanese Destroyer

Last Tuesday, at about 04:00 Agato, a 170 meter, a Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force Aegis destroyer and the fishing vessel Seitoku Maru collided about 28 km off Tokyo. The bow of the Seitoku Maru floats off Nojimazaki, Chiba Prefecture, on Tuesday after the fishing boat was split in two in a collison with the Maritime Self-Defense Force's Atago destroyer. (THE ASAHI … [Read more...]