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Syrian Refugees Take Billy Pugh Ride to Safety on Ridgebury Tanker

Rob Almeida
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September 3, 2014

Image via Ridgebury Tankers

Ridgebury Tankers’ Suezmax Ridgebury Astari participated in a 3-vessel rescue operation on Tuesday, 2 September while operating in the Ionian Sea.  95 Syrian refugees including 79 men, 5 women and 11 children were taken aboard the vessel and reported to be in good health.  

Ridgebury Tankers notes that upon direction by the Italian Coast Guard, the ship sailed to Crotone, Italy today and disembarked the refugees.  

The Astari was enroute to discharge at Fos, France.  Her last port of call was Sidi Kerir, Egypt.

syrian refugees ridgebury tankers
Image via Ridgebury Tankers
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