Merchant Marine Memorial

We Support Merchant Marine Veterans!

John Konrad
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November 11, 2017

American Merchant Marine Memorial sculpture in City pier A in Battery Park. Photo by pio3, Shutterstock

Between its forming on June 12, 1775 to the Operation Iraqi freedom hundreds of thousands of US Merchant Mariners have risked their lives for freedom.

During WWII alone 215,000 Americans joined the Merchant Marine in WWII at great peril and 8,651 made the ultimate sacrifice to freedom.

And since 1775 not one of these men and women have been fully recognized for their service…. nor do any of them qualify for patly of benefits like discount auto insurance.  This is truth is simply appalling.

 If you are an American join AMMV today to show your support then please take a moment of silence for our brother and sisters lost to the sea.


P.S. The Winter North Atlantic does not discriminate based on nationality and neither do we! If you live outside the US please seek out ways to support the Merchant Navy veterans in your country!


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