Stricken Barge Carrier Towed to Safety Off Norway – Update

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February 23, 2017


Update (Thursday, Feb 23): Tugs have taken the stricken barge carrier Tide Carrier under tow and the ship is no longer in danger of grounding. The government response has beens stood down, the Norwegian Coastal Administration reports. The tow commenced at approximately 7:15 a.m. Thursday. 

Wednesday, Feb 23: Crews in Norway are trying to prevent a 263-meter barge carrier from going aground after the ship apparently dragged anchor and drifted dangerously close to shore in heavy weather.

The vessel is the Comoros-flagged Tide Carrier. According to reports the vessel dragged anchor and suffered some kind of engine failure while off Feistein Fyr, located to the south of Bergen, Norway.

At one point the vessel came to within 100 meters shore before tugs were able to connect a line to the vessel, reports say.

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Five non-essential personnel have been removed from the vessel by helicopter and, according to reports, 15 crew remain aboard along with two salvage personnel, who are preparing the vessel for a tow.

As of the last update the vessel was once again at anchor, but any attempt to tow ship further from shore has been suspended overnight as crews assess the situation. Weather continues to pose a challenge. 

One of the crew members evacuated is reportedly suffered a leg injury. No pollution has been reported.

Video of the Tide Carrier just offshore is below:


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