strategic marine crew transfer vessel

Strategic Marine Unveils New Crew Transfer Vessel Design

Rob Almeida
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August 26, 2014

strategic marine crew transfer vessel

Western Australia-based shipbuilder Strategic Marine unveiled their latest Generation 3 crew transfer vessel today, one they are marketing to the international offshore markets.

Currently under construction, this 40-meter vessel is an upgraded version of their Gen 2 design and follows extensive tank and theoretical testing at the Australian Maritime College in Tasmania.  The company notes their design improvements have been focused on increasing the efficiency of the hull, increased passenger, fuel and water capacities, higher payload and increased comfort.

“The key benefit we can pass on is the major saving in fuel achievable at speeds from 20 – 30+ knots,” commented Reece Newbold, Head of Group Business Development at Strategic Marine. “An actual saving in horsepower of 10% at all speeds below 25 knots and even greater reduction in horsepower over 25 knots have been realised. What this means in real terms is a reduction in horsepower and fuel consumption to achieve the 25 knots currently specified by a large number of charterers.”

The hull has been designed with adaptability in mind and the propulsion packages can vary in accordance with a client’s engine preference and charterer’s requirements. 

The seating cabin has been increased in size and, depending on final layout, will cater for 100 passengers, all with expanded seat pitch. Improvements to the cargo deck area have also been made, featuring a clear deck area of 120 square meters.

The Gen 3 can also be utilised for security/patrolboat duties, emergency response, oilspill recovery, firefighting, general workboat duties, or as a shadow vessel.

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