twin axe fcs 2610 damen

SPOTD: Damen Twin Axe’s Under Construction in Singapore

Rob Almeida
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April 27, 2015

Sorry folks, but all the photos that I took earlier had to be taken down… except for this one.

The 26 meter, all aluminum, catamaran version of the Fast Crew Supplier is called the FCS 2610 “Twin Axe.”

The below vessel has been designed to best enable workers to transit to, and board offshore wind farms for maintenance.  The image below shows two that are currently being constructed.  Edwin de Smets, Yard Manager at Damen Shipywards Singapore notes each FCS 2610 takes approximately 34 weeks to build from start to finish.

Read more about the FCS 2610 HERE.

twin axe fcs 2610 damen
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