sherpa peregrine drillship tow

Ship Photo of The Day – Towing a Drillship

Mike Schuler
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July 3, 2012

sherpa peregrine drillship tow

This week’s Ship Photo comes to us via Fairmount Marine, the Netherlands-based ocean towage and heavy lift transportation company operating a fleet of five, 250T bollard pull tugs and a multipurpose support vessel.

In the photo, Fairmount Sherpa is towing the drillship, Peregrine 1, from Brazil to a shipyard in Singapore where the drillship is scheduled for a series of repairs and modifications.

For the tow, the Fairmount Sherpa was mobilized in Salvador, Brazil from Rio de Janeiro where the tug had previously delivered the rig ODN TAY IV.  From Salvador, the  Fairmount Sherpa towed the Peregrine 1 over 9,100 miles across the Atlantic Ocean, clearing Cape of Good Hope and across the Indian Ocean towards Singapore at an average speed of approximately 8.5 knots.

The Peregrine 1 was built in 1982, is 150 meters long and is owned by US company LaPatagonia Offshore.

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