Ship Photo of the Day – World’s First Battery-Powered Retrofit-To-Be

Mike Schuler
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May 18, 2015

Viking Queen 3.jpg (article_image)-2

This is Eidesvik Offshore’s LNG-powered Viking Queen, which has just been signed on to become the world’s first offshore vessel to be retrofitted with shipboard battery power.

The 2008-built Viking Queen will be fitted with an Energy Storage System from ZEM AS with a capacity of 650kWH that can supply up to 1600kW. The hybrid system is expected to reduce fuel consumption by approximately 18%, thereby further reducing harmful emissions by as much as 25%.

The project is be carried out by Lundin Norway AS, who has the vessel on hire, ZEM AS, and Eidesvik AS. The project is part of the FellowSHIP project (Fuel Cells for Low Emission Ships), a joint industry R&D project that experiments with fully integrated fuel cells on board vessels and offshore platforms.

In 2009, Eidesvik Offshore’s LNG-powered vessel Viking Lady was built as the world’s first vessel to be equipped with integrated fuel cell technology.


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