Sanmar to Nearly Triple in Size with Start Up of New Turkish Shipyard

Rob Almeida
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May 8, 2014


Sanmar, the Turkish tugboat builder/operator announced today an investment in new real estate across the sound in Altinova where they are currently building a new shipbuilding facility.

Considering Sanmar’s current yard is (or is capable of) cranking out up to 14 new tugs per year, this is a solid signal that Sanmar has figured out the recipe for building tugs.

Jim Hyslop, Manager of Product Development at Robert Allan Ltd., a company which provides many of the designs for the vessels Sanmar builds notes in a phone call that their physical growth is a testament to the quality and workmanship of the vessels they build, as well as of course, the price point of the vessels.  

The primary features of this new yard include two adjacent final production halls that have a total of 23,500 square meters of enclosed space and the ability to handle vessels with an overall beam of up to 17 meters and 27.5 meters, respectively.  Their existing facility in Tuzla is limited to vessels of around 15 meters.

In addition to the enclosed production halls, Sanmar notes they will have a conventional-type shipbuilding line 40 meters wide by 300 meters in length supported by 300 ton capacity gantry cranes. 

The yard is expected to be open by early 2015.

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