Saildrone Unveils New Near-Shore Ocean Mapping USV

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Saildrone Unveils New Near-Shore Ocean Mapping USV

Mike Schuler
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March 28, 2023

U.S.-based maritime intelligence firm Saildrone has unveiled the 33-foot Voyager, a mid-size uncrewed surface vehicle (USV) for near-shore ocean mapping and maritime security missions.

The Voyager joins Saildrone’s existing lineup of USVs—the 23-foot Explorer and 65-foot Surveyor—and offers improved datalink, increased power, and versatile payload integration options. The Voyager offers increased power available for ocean mapping, including multibeam sonar equipment capable of seafloor mapping of depths to 900 feet.

Equipped with multibeam sonar, a smart camera array, digital radar, and sub-surface passive acoustics, the Voyager enhances ocean mapping to depths to 900 feet, and intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) capabilities. Primarily wind and solar-powered, the USV also features an electric propulsion alternative for low-wind and near-shore operations.

To meet the growing demand for the Voyager, Saildrone is partnering with Janicki Industries and Seemann Composites for the production of the wing, hull, and keel, while continuing to manufacture internal components in Alameda, California. Following successful sea trials, the first operational maritime security and ocean mapping missions are set to begin this spring.

Saildrone aims to strengthen global maritime security through its innovative USVs, which have already covered almost 1 million nautical miles across various notable missions.


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