kara class cruiser sunk

Russian Warship Sunk Off Crimea

Rob Almeida
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March 6, 2014

Image via Ukrainian Ministry of Defence

The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense released the above image today showing the Russian Navy’s Ochakov, a Kara-class cruiser, which was intentionally sunk last night to blockade the Ukrainian Navy ships located in Novoozerne.

Novoozerne crimea
Novoozerne, Crimea, Ukraine

Russian Federation ships blocking the Ukrainian ships in Donuszlav lake, including the missile cruiser “Moskva,” departed just before midnight on 5 March, then towed the Ochakov, filled her with water, and then sunk her in 9-11 meters of water depth between the North and South spits at the entrance to Lake Donuzlav.  This effectively blocks any means for Ukraine’s warships to leave the lake through the narrow channel.

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