Russian Trawler Burns Off Canary Islands – Incident Photos

Mike Schuler
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April 14, 2015


Update (April 15, 2015): Russian Trawler Oleg Naydenov Sinks After Fire

Spanish authorities are working to save a Russian fishing trawler 4 days after it was hit by a fire at the Canary Islands’ port of Las Palmas.

The fire broke out on Saturday April 11 aboard the Russian-flagged Oleg Naydenov while it was docked at the Port of Las Palmas. The ship was then towed out to see over fears that it could sink or that the fire could spread to other areas of the port.

All 72 people aboard the ship were able to disembark safely at Las Palmas.

Spain’s Salvamento Maritimo reports that fire was completely extinguished as of late Monday night.

Authorities are now in process trying to board the ship to see if it can be towed to port safely.

Below are some photos of the incident:







Photos courtesy Salvamento Maritimo

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