The Russian Navy 2011 – Recruitment Video

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September 28, 2011

The Russian Navy or VMF is the naval arm of the Russian Military and above is a private video developed as part of a recruitment campaign to boost the number of sailors needed to for a 2015 rearmament program that, according to wikipedia, puts, for the first time in Soviet and Russian history, the development of the navy on an equal footing with strategic nuclear forces.

The program covering the period until 2015 is expected to replace 45% of the military inventory in the army and navy. Out of 4.9 trillion rubles ($192.16 billion) allocated for military rearmament, 25% will go into building new ships. “We are already building practically as many ships as we did in Soviet times,” First Deputy Prime Minister Sergey Ivanov said during a visit to Severodvinsk in July 2007, “The problem now is not lack of money, but how to optimize production so that the navy can get new ships three, not five, years after laying them down.” According to the list of ships in the Russian Navy today the tonnage of the active navy is approximately 1,300,000, the ships in reserve have a tonnage of more than 300,000, this makes the Russian Navy by far the second largest in the world with a combined tonnage of 1,600,000.


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