Rena’s Stern Slips Off Astrolabe Reef, Sinks [PHOTOS]

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January 9, 2012

The stern section of the stricken M/V Rena has slipped off the Astrolabe Reef and has sank.  Maritime New Zealand gave the update just moments ago, saying that at 10:38am local time the foremost part of the stern was still sticking up out of the water, with the rest of the vessel – including the bridge – submerged.  Debris from the vessel can be seen floating in the water.

MNZ adds that the bow section remains unchanged in place on Astrolabe Reef.

The vessel’s status began to diminish rapidly at approximately 8.30am local time on Monday when personnel from Maritime New Zealand and Svitzer Salvage, who were monitoring the vessel from the air, began to notice the slow progression of the stern into the sea.

The vessel broke away from its original position on Sunday as the result of 6m swells that battered grounded ship over the weekend. Rena’s breaking sparked fears that the stern section – which has been observed swaying in the high seas and less secure on the reef – would eventually break off and sink with the heavy seas that were forcasted until at least Wednesday.

Check out more photos below.

The damage to Rena visible from this morning's observation flight on Tuesday, January 10. Photo: Maritime New Zealand
An arial shot of the bridge of M/V Rena just moments before submerging. Photo: LOC
An arial shot of the bridge of Rena mostly submerged beneath the surface of the sea. Photo: LOC
Another angle of the stern section of the M/V Rena. Photo: LOC


A 3D rendering of Rena's current position on Astrolabe Reef. Image: LOC

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