Queen Victoria Aground – Is the curse real?

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May 15, 2008


Last month in an post titled “How To Break A Bottle.. for good luck” gCaptain highlighted the bad luck expected to circle cunard’s liner Queen Victoria after the bottle used in the naming ceremony failed to break. Today the BBC brings us news of the ships grounding. Bad luck or just bad piloting?

They tell us:

A hole has been ripped into the stern of a £300m luxury British cruise liner as it crashed while docking in Malta.

Cunard’s Queen Victoria, which was named by the Duchess of Cornwall in Southampton in December, hit the quay at Valletta.

None of the 1,887 passengers onboard was injured in the crash.

“The ship touched the quay as she was berthing and sustained some damage which is now being assessed,” said Cunard president Carol Marlow.

The 90,000-ton ship, which Cunard says is its most luxurious, boasts seven restaurants, three swimming pools, a 6,000-book library and a casino. Continue reading…


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