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Pirates Release M/T Gascogne Off the Ivory Coast

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February 6, 2013

M/T Gascogne, via SEA Tankers

Sea Tankers announced Wednesday that pirates have released their product tanker M/T Gascogne after stealing part of the ships cargo and that all 17 crew members are safe.

“Sea Tankers are pleased to report that product tanker Gasgogne has been released and can confirm that the vessel is now safely traveling under the full direction of its Master,” the company said in a statement. “The ship has now been released after part of cargo has been stolen,” it added.

After the shipowner lost contact with the vessel on Sunday morning, the International Maritime Bureau reported that the ship had been captured by pirates.

Two crew members were injured during the incident, however the extent of their injuries have not been released.

France’s Foreign Ministry said the tanker had been released late on Tuesday after the pirates took it to Forcados in Nigeria and siphoned off around 200 tonnes of its cargo of diesel fuel, Reuters reports. It said the ship was now heading for Lome, Togo.

The M/T Gascogne was the second tanker hijacking in Ivorian waters in the last three weeks.

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