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Photos and Video from Costa Concordia Transfer to Genoa

Mike Schuler
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May 13, 2015

Costa Concordia is maneauvered away from the breakwater at Prà Voltri on Monday, May 11, 2015.

The wreck of the Costa Concordia has been successfully transferred to ship repair area in the Port of Genoa where the remainder of the dismantling project will be carried out.

According to the Ship Recycling Consortium, the Costa Concordia was safely moored at about 3 p.m. local time at the “Molo Ex Superbacino” area at the Port of Genoa after its tow from the breakwater at Prà Voltri, located about 10 miles away. Operations to transfer the ship began Monday at about 4 p.m. when the tugs Messico and Genua maneuvered the wreck away from the breakwater and into the calm Ligurian Sea.


The dismantling project is separated into four individual phases and the entire project is expected to take a total of about 22 months. It will involve the full dismantling and recycling of the wreck, with between 100 and 250 personnel working at any given time. The project kicked off in July 2014 with the wreck’s arrival at Prà Voltri following the successful salvage.


During Phase 1, over 5,700 tons of material was removed from the ship so that it could reach the required draft of 15:35 meters.


In next few days, the Ship Recycling team will start organizing the yard to follow up with Phase 2, which involves stripping operations to remove interior structures and the dismantling of the external structures from deck 14 to deck 2.

Phase 2 started with the transfer to the Ex Superbacino dock.


Phase 3 involves preparing the wreck for its transfer to dry dock, located in the same harbor as the Superbacino dock, where the ship will eventually be fully dismantled during Phase 4.


The main objective of Phase 3 will be to create buoyancy which will allow for the removal of the 30 sponsons that were installed during the salvage of the wreck and still keeping the Costa Concordia afloat.


The Ship Recycling Consortium is made up of the Italian company Saipem (51%) and San Giorgia del Porto (49%).


For more information on the dismantling project, see our earlier post: The Four Phases of the Costa Concordia Dismantling Project


And below is some video from the transfer:

Photos courtesy Ship Recycling Consortium

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