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Optimized Alfa Laval Smit LNG design delivers proven performance with new flexibility and speed

Optimized Alfa Laval Smit LNG design delivers proven performance with new flexibility and speed

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September 8, 2022

Alfa Laval has optimized the design of the Alfa Laval Smit LNG inert gas generator, bringing greater flexibility to an industry-leading solution. Modular construction with a range of options will mean more choice and faster access to vital safety equipment.

Modularity lets customers decide
The Smit LNG system is known for its very dry, high-quality inert gas, which is produced with Alfa Laval’s unique UltramizingÒ principle. The fuel is atomized by steam, ensuring not only less soot in the cargo tank after inspection, but also lower NOx emissions. This high performance is now even more readily available, thanks to a modularized Smit LNG design.
“The Smit LNG system is the same in terms of quality and reliability,” says Erik Haveman, Head of Inert Gas Systems at Alfa Laval. “What’s different is the flexible configuration, which comes from splitting the system into a number of standardized modules. All class and safety requirements are fulfilled by the most basic arrangement, to which customers can add the options they wish.”
Faster from request to finished design
The shift to modularity streamlines costs for customers, as they only pay for the Smit LNG options they select. Above all, it strengthens Alfa Laval’s cooperation with shipyards, since finished drawings can be supplied quickly – with no variation from system to system.
“There are no surprises with today’s Smit LNG system, either in performance or design,“ says Haveman. “For shipyards, the lead times are shorter and the predictability is 100%. Having examined RFQs from all major LNG yards when creating it, we can meet any yard request with the new modular approach.”
A platform with lasting advantages
For shipowners, modularity means long-term benefits as well. Servicing Smit LNG systems will be quicker and simpler, thanks to a reduced number of standardized parts. Spare parts stock will be easier to manage, and troubleshooting will be faster in the unlikely event of an issue.
“Less variation means less to investigate, so standardizing the Smit LNG system adds to the already high peace of mind,” Haveman concludes. “In addition, it gives us a stronger platform for further development. Customers have long entrusted us with their vessels’ safety, and they can expect us to continue moving it forward.”


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