OJ Gets Juiced in Newark

John Konrad
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January 24, 2008

Photo by Johnny_kgc

Gothanmist brings us news of… no not another Simpson story but rather the collision of a Orange Juice tanker and a dredge. They tell us;

Shortly before 2 this afternoon, three ships collided in Newark Bay, closing the bay to marine traffic. The three-way collision was between two dredging vessels, the 117-foot Melvin Lemmerhirt and the New York, and the 669-Foot Liberian tanker Orange Sun. The Orange Sun is reported to be carrying orange juice as its cargo. Reports also say the New York is taking on water, that there is a fluid leaking from one of the ships (presumably, not orange juice), and there’s hydraulic fluid leaving a sheen on the waters nearby. The juice-filled Orange Sun is being brought back to harbor via tugboat.

Newark Bay is about six miles long and one mile wide and is a tidal back bay of New York Harbor. It’s bound by the shores of Newark and Elizabeth on the west, Jersey City on the east and Staten Island on its south. Port Newark-Elizabeth, which is in Newark Bay, is the main port of entry for the New York area.

Stay Tuned for more on this story and many thanks to Telstar Logistics for the tip.


TBessinger sent us a link to the video. Thanks!


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