WATCH: Offshore Wind Turbine Technician – No Job for Wimps

Mike Schuler
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January 12, 2015

Atop a 60-meter tall wind turbine tower.

Check out this series of videos from Siemens highlighting the daily life of offshore wind turbine technician, André Carstens. In the videos, Carstens explains how he and his team from Siemens Windpower GmbH work to keep the 21 turbines at Germany’s first commercial offshore wind farm up and running in the Baltic Sea.

As Carstens explains and as is the case with most offshore jobs, working atop the 60-meter tall turbine towers in the middle of the sea is no job for sissies. After all, approximately 50,000 households depend on the offshore wind farm for electricity, so keeping the turbines connected to the grid is essential no matter what the conditions.



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