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Ocean Installer and Solstad Order New Hi Spec Subsea Construction Vessel from STX OSV

Rob Almeida
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June 14, 2012

Image: STX OSV

STX OSV announced today that they have secured a contract for the design and construction of a large, advanced Offshore Subsea Construction Vessel (OSCV) for Norwegian subsea entrepreneur Ocean Installer and shipping company Solstad Offshore.

The vessel, of type OSCV 06L, has been designed by shipbuilder STX OSV and Solstad, in close cooperation with Ocean Installer.  This combination has resulted in one of the most advanced CSVs built to date.  The vessel is equipped with a 3000t carousel, a 400t active heave compensated (AHC) crane and launching system for Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) (LARS).  The vessel will be delivered with a 150t Vertical Lay Spread System (VLS) priced at 200 million NOK.  The total project cost, including project management, spare parts and mobilisation, is 1.5 billion NOK.  Ocean Installer and Solstad will have joint ownership of the vessel following her completion.

Steinar Riise, CEO of Ocean Installer comments:

We are very satisfied with placing the contract for this new-build, and are looking forward to developing our operations with this vessel, which is built for heavy construction work, and is highly advanced when it comes to station keeping, efficiency and operational performance.  This investment is in line with our growth strategy, as the vessel is capable of conducting the full range of subsea construction operations in the global market.  Moreover, this joint venture consolidates the strategic cooperation between Solstad and Ocean Installer.

The vessel will be the third in Ocean Installer’s fleet of operated subsea vessels, following Normand Mermaid and Normand Clipper, both chartered from Solstad.

Ocean Installer and Solstad will have joint ownership of the vessel, which is to be operated by Ocean Installer.  The vessel is scheduled for delivery from STX OSV in Norway in 2Q 2014.  The hull will be delivered from STX OSV in Romania.

Vessel details:

The vessel is designed to operate efficiently under demanding conditions and is well fitted for SURF (Subsea, Umbilicals, Risers, Flowlines) operations.  The vessel is 156.7 metres long, 27 metres wide and has an aft cargo deck area of 2100 square metres.  She will be equipped with a 150t VLS and a 3000t below deck carousel, ROVs in hangars launched through moonpools, and two AHC offshore cranes (400t and 100t) that can both operate down to depths of 3000 metres.  Propulsion is based on two conventional propellers, and two tunnel thrusters aft and two tunnel thrusters and two gyro thrusters forward, providing a robust system optimised with regard to propulsion, positioning capabilities and maintenance.  Main engine power is approximately 2100 kW.  The accommodation facilities will have a capacity of 140 persons.  The vessel is designed according to the latest environmental standars with focus on low fuel consumption, and precautions in accordance with Det Norske Veritas’ (DNV’s) CLEAN DESIGN requirements are incorporated in the design.

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