Ship Photos of the Day – New Ultra-Light Intervention Vessel MV Brandon Bordelon

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November 16, 2015

Brandon103 - 5x3 300dpi[1]
Photo credit: Bordelon Marine
Today’s ship photos show Bordelon Marine’s new MV Brandon Bordelon, a DP2 Ultra-light Intervention Vessel (ULIV).

The vessel is the latest in the company’s Stingray series, which are all built at Bordelon Marine Shipbuilders in Houma, Louisiana.

The highly specialized vessel was delivered this month and features a helideck, a 60 ton AHC crane with 3000m of wire, POB (60), a mezzanine deck with internal office and control rooms capable of supporting two full work class ROV systems. The vessel also offers 6,200 sq. ft. of clear useable deck space, and also delivers a fully integrated ROV control room, ROV support offices, below deck work and storage spaces, extensive communications and ROV data network, plug and play, with patch panel racks installed. The vessel is designed with removable bulwarks around the entire aft of vessel along with power, water, air, and hydraulic oil connections on the deck. The vessel is also equipped with four additional below deck Tier 3 generators, providing fully redundant power to the crane and ROV systems.

Bordelon Marine said earlier this year that the Brandon Bordelon has been contracted on a three year charter with Bibby Offshore for operations primarily in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico. 

Brandon102 - 5x5 300dpi[1]
Photo credit: Bordelon Marine
Brandon101 - 6x9 150dpi [1]
Photo credit: Bordelon Marine

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