An illustration of Neptune Lines' next-generation dual fuel car carrier design

Illustration courtesy Neptune Lines

Neptune Lines Orders Dual-Fuel Car Carriers for Delivery in 2026

Mike Schuler
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September 5, 2023

Greek car carrier specialist Neptune Lines has ordered two next-generation pure car and truck carriers (PCTCs), designed for short sea trades, from Fujian Mawei shipyard in China.

The dual-fuel vessels will have a carrying capacity of 4,200 car-equivalent units and be powered by LNG or VLSFO. The vessels will use a controllable pitch propeller with shaft generator and multiple thrusters for propulsion and maneuvering, and will have shore power capability to reduce emissions while in port. The design was developed with Deltamarin and the vessels will be classed by DNV.

Delivery of both vessels is planned for 2026.

“We are proud that Neptune Lines has chosen us as the Designer for their next generation PCTC vessels and are pleased with the excellent co-operation between participating parties throughout the design development,” says Janne Uotila, CEO of Deltamarin. “Secondly, we look forward to working with Fujian Mawei Shipbuilding, providing them with engineering services and supporting them in the execution of this cutting-edge newbuilding program for Neptune Lines.”

“Neptune Lines continues to improve its environmental performance by using the latest advanced technologies, fuels, and scale improvements,” adds Neptune Lines’s CEO Craig Jasienski. “We are determined to drive the energy transition of the shipping industry, while remaining committed to providing adaptable and sophisticated solutions to our customers’ needs and reacting swiftly to their demands. We remain dedicated to our mantra of Wake Forward.”

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