NATO Considers Active Protection of Offshore Assets

John Konrad
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May 15, 2007

Considering the recent security concerns in Nigeria NATO is inNato Maritime Badge discussions with major oil companies to provide active protection of offshore assets.

NATO is considering sending its armed forces to protect oil and gas facilities in the developing world. Jamie Shea, director of policy planning at the office of NATO’s secretary general, made the announcement at a press conference in London earlier today.

“We are looking very actively at using our maritime resources… [NATO wants to see] how we can link up with oil companies.”

Shea revealed that NATO had discussed the idea with private oil companies such as Dutch Royal Shell and British Petroleum (BP), the second and third largest western oil firms respectively. He also admitted to raising the idea of NATO forces protecting natural gas facilities in Qatar. FP Passport

The reaction is currently mixed but as a mariner with friends working in Nigeria it seems clear that some additional ISPS measures are needed.


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