The Nastiest Wog… and now a Trusty Shellback

Rob Almeida
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August 14, 2011

A few years ago I had the opportunity to deliver a newly-built drillship from Durban, South Africa to the Gulf of Mexico.   As a former Navy ship driver, I had of course crossed the equator a few times and was eager to begin preparations for our Crossing-the-Line ceremony as we approached the northern hemisphere.  Being a drillship, many of the crew were not familiar with this sacred maritime tradition, but they eventually recognized the fact that this was not a trivial event to be taken lightly, and was in fact, a badge of honor to be considered a Trusty Shellback.

Following a visit by Davey Jones the night before to announce the upcoming festivities, the event went off perfectly as we crossed zero-degrees latitude, complete with a stockade, electric eel, whales belly, and of course King Neptune and his court.

One of the Floorhands on the drill crew decided that he was going to fully immerse himself in the experience and savor it for all that it was worth.  It was a remarkable and sickening sacrifice, yet one that pleased King Neptune greatly.

I feel sorry for the Wogs who one day finds themselves heading toward the Equator with this crew of Trusty Shellbacks…

Wog crossing the line ceremony shellback equator

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