Close Call: M/V Ocean Victory Nearly Grounds Along Dutch Coast

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December 10, 2012

Scary moments again off the coast of the Netherlands- this time on Sunday night, when the 170-meter M/V Ocean Victory cargo ship lost propulsion and was dangerously close to grounding along a beach.

The Dutch Coast Guard said that they received a call from the crew of the Panamanian-flagged Ocean Victory at 1915 local time Sunday evening.  The crew relayed that the vessel had lost propulsion after sailing over a buoy shortly after departing from the port of Ijmuiden, causing damage to the main propeller. With the vessel adrift, wind was pushing the ship towards the beach at Zandvoort.

The coast guard immediately dispatched three tugs, a rescue boat, and helicopter to the scene.  At approximately 2130 local time, a tug connected a towing line to the Ocean Victory and tried to pull the ship towards deeper waters, but the connection broke after about 40 minutes.  Next, the coast guard tug Ievoli Black tried to reconnect a towing line, but again the attempt failed when the tug got a line stuck in one of her own propellers. Fortunately, the crew of the Ocean Victory prevented the ship from actually running aground by use of the ship’s own anchors. The coast guard says that as of 0100 local time  on Monday, the ship was secured in place by both its anchors and help from the tug, Triton.

A salvage team from Svitzer, who will also direct the removal of oil from the car carrier Baltic Ace, has been hired to tow the vessel back to port, but wind had prevented the operation to continuing throughout the day.  Salvage inspectors are expected to hoist the anchors on Tuesday at 0800 local time, at which point four tugs will then tow the Ocean Victory back to the port of Ijmuiden where she will be repaired. Both propellers are believed to have been damaged in the incident.

The Ocean Victory had 20 crew members on board at the time.  All are unharmed.

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