‘Mutiny’ On MSC Cruise Ship?

Mike Schuler
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May 19, 2011

According to this report from MSNBC, passengers on board the MSC Opera got a bit unruly when the luxury cruise liner broke down in the Baltic, leaving the vessel and passengers adrift for nearly two days little food, water or toilets.  In fact, the passengers at one point got so frustrated they starting chanting to see the Captain, a clear act of mutiny.  MSNBC tells us:

Mary Birch, a 65-year-old passenger, spoke to Isle of Wight Radio, a UK radio station. “The toilets were unusable and then they got them working and then they didn’t work again,” she said in an interview reported by the Daily Mail. “There was no water. Food-wise, we’ve just been on rolls.”

Some of the 1,716 passengers, who were on the tail-end of a 10-day cruise, began asking to see the captain.

” …There was a bit of a mutiny [on Sunday night],” said Birch, “everybody shouting for the captain but he never appeared and then they decided to give us all free drink.”

Birch’s son, who was not on the ship but recounted what his mother shared, told the radio station that the passengers shouted, “we want the captain, we want the captain.”

In the toughest courts mutiny is punishable by death but, in this case, does the punishment fit the crime?

Photo: MSC Opera courtesy MSC Cruises

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