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Maritime Crime and Piracy Update: Week of 26 May 2011

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June 2, 2011

Worldwide Maritime Crime and Piracy Summary, week of 26 May 2011 (source: ONI)


  • A U.S.-flagged vessel experienced an attempted boarding 25 May at 0231 UTC while anchored in position 29:50.40N – 032:34.08E, at Anchorage Point 13, Port Suez, Egypt. A crewmember saw a man climbing the anchor chain and notified the bridge.  The man fled in a  blue wooden boat with four other men after being sighted.  Crew conducted a search and found that there was no breach of security. (Commercial Sources)


  • A ship was boarded 28 May at 0245 UTC while anchored in position 05:52.55S – 013:01.78E, approximately 3NM southwest of Boma, Democratic Republic of the Congo.  The officer of the watch spotted two robbers on the forecastle and alerted the duty able seaman and sounded the ship’s whistle.  The robbers escaped.  Later it was discovered that the robbers had boarded the vessel using a rope and hook, and nothing was stolen. (IMB)


Indian ocean piracy

  • Bulk carrier (ATLAS) experienced an attempted boarding 31 May at 1303 UTC while underway in position 13:28.4N – 042:36.8E, approximately 28NM northwest of Assab, Eritrea. (Commercial Sources, Operator)
  • Chemical/oil products tanker (ASTIR LADY) experienced an attempted boarding 31 May at 0403 UTC while underway in position 13:32N – 042:41E, approximately 31NM northwest of Assab, Eritrea.  Six pirates in a single skiff attempted to board the vessel three times with a ladder.  Weapons were spotted. (Commercial Sources, UKMTO)
  • Bulk carrier (HAWK I) was fired upon by two skiffs 29 May at 1211 UTC while underway in position 14:44N – 042:06E, approximately 42NM southwest of Ras Isa, Yemen.  Each skiff had six pirates onboard.  Vessel’s security team returned fire. (Commercial Sources, UKMTO)


  • A container ship was boarded 1 June at 2035 UTC while anchored in the Jakarta anchorage, Indonesia.  Eight robbers boarded the vessel.  The Master raised the alarm and the ship’s crew mustered.  After the alert was raised, the robbers jumped overboard and escaped.  A few padlocks were opened and damaged, but no stores were stolen. (IMB)
  • A barge under tow was robbed 26 May at 0300 UTC while underway in position 01:11N – 103:56E, approximately 10NM southeast of Singapore.  Robbers stole the ship’s stores and escaped. (IMB)
  • A bulk carrier was robbed 26 May at 1701 UTC while anchored in position 01:10S – 117:16E in the Samarinda anchorage, Indonesia.  Three robbers with knives boarded the vessel via the hawse pipe, broke the padlocks on the bosun store, and stole the ship’s stores.  The duty able seaman spotted the robbers and told the duty officer, who sounded the ship’s whistle.  The robbers then escaped. (IMB)
  • A container vessel was boarded 21 May at 2242 UTC while anchored in the Jakarta Anchorage, Indonesia.  Robbers in a boat approached the vessel from its stern. The bosun and security watchmen saw that two robbers had boarded the vessel and informed the duty officer.  After the alert, the robbers jumped in the water and escaped.  Nothing was stolen. (IMB)


  • A general cargo ship was robbed 1 June at 2130 UTC while underway in position 01:10N – 103:51E, approximately 10NM southwest of Singapore.  Five armed robbers boarded the vessel, stole the ship’s cash and personal belongings, and escaped. (IMB)


  • A container ship was robbed 29 May at 1300 UTC while anchored in position 16:38N – 096:15E in the Yangon River NE anchorage, Myanmar.  The alert crew noticed three robbers with knives had boarded the vessel and attempted to approach them. The robbers threatened the crew with knives and escaped the vessel with the ship’s stores. Later at 1512 UTC, two more robbers attempted to board the vessel but aborted the attempt after seeing the alert crew. (IMB)


  • A tanker was robbed 29 May at 1730 UTC while underway in position 01:19N – 104:54E, approximately 62NM southeast of Singapore.  Six robbers boarded the vessel, stole cash and other valuables, and escaped. (Commercial Sources)


  • A container vessel was robbed 25 May at 2015 UTC while anchored in position 09:55.4N – 076:04.9E in the Cochin anchorage, India.  Approximately ten robbers boarded the vessel.  After the Master spotted the robbers and shined a search light on them, the robbers jumped overboard and escaped with the ship’s stores (IMB).




  • A small team of Greenpeace activists boarded the Cairn Energy oil rig LEIV ERIKSSON on 29 May in the morning approximately 40NM north of Nuuk, Greenland.  The activists boarded the rig from semi-rigid boats, launched from their mothership ESPERANZA.  Two of the activists attached a small cabin/tent close to the drill-head to prevent its operation.  The Royal Danish Navy has a frigate in the area. (Commercial and Open Sources)

Indian Ocean Piracy Forecast for 2 – 4 JUN 2011

A. GULF OF ADEN: Moderate sea heights within the Gulf of Aden will continue through next 72 hours.  Expect winds from the southwest 18 – 22 knots with gusts of 30 knots through 5 June.  Fetch limitations will keep the seas in this region within 2 – 4 feet.  Conditions will be slightly less than conducive for piracy though 5 June.

EXTENDED FORECAST:  Increased winds and light to moderate seas will impact the Gulf of Aden through 8 June, slightly limiting piracy/small boat operations.

B. INDIAN OCEAN: Southwesterly winds of 25 – 30 knots with higher gusts will remain over the Somali Basin through the next 72 hours.  Expect conditions to not be conducive for small boat operations from central Somalia northeast to the Omani coast and extending through the North Arabian Sea and east to India, along 11N, as sea heights range from 7 – 11 feet within this region.  Conditions abate somewhat as you move into the Indian Ocean along the equator, areas southwest of the Maldives and within the waters off Kenya and Tanzania.

EXTENDED FORECAST: Expect the SW monsoon to dominate the weather pattern for the areas mentioned above through 8 June.  These areas will not be conducive for small boat operations.

C. SURFACE CURRENTS: Currents off the Somalia coast are variable with speeds up to 2 knots from the Equator to 5N.  Current speeds up to 4.5 kts may be seen along the coast between 5N and 10N and along the coast from the equator to 4S.  Currents within the Gulf of Aden remain minimal, up to 1 knot.

piracy forecast

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