MARAD awards nearly $10 million in grants to small shipyards

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August 15, 2011

U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood has announced today $9.98 million in grants to 13 small U.S. shipyards through the U.S. Maritime Administrations Small Shipyards Grants Program.  The money is aimed to help shipyards throughout the United States modernize their facilities, increase productivity, and help make the country’s small shipyards more competitive in the global marketplace.

“These grants will help improve our ability to build and repair ships in the United States, strengthening our economy and helping position these small businesses and shipyard workers to be better prepared to win the future,” said Secretary LaHood.

Over 50,000 Americans are employed by small shipyards in the United States, varying in size from family-owned businesses employing a few dozen workers to state-of-the-art facilities with hundreds of employees.

“This money will help train workers and buy new tools and equipment,” said U.S. Maritime Administrator David Matsuda. “Having these essential needs taken care of will help these small shipyards be more productive, efficient, and able to sustain good jobs for American workers well into the future.”

MARAD previously announced $9.8 million in grants available to qualified small shipyards for capital and related improvements, and received over 118 grant applications requesting $105 million in assistance.

A detail list of grantees follows:

1. Alaska Ship and Drydock, Inc. – Ketchikan Shipyard (Ketchikan, AK) – $1,018,314.75 for a One Side Welder, a Material Handling System and a CNC Cutting System
2. BAE Systems Southeast Shipyards Alabama, LLC (Mobile, AL) – $1,008,838.00 for a Steel Profile Processing System
3. Bay Ship & Yacht Co. (Alameda, CA) – $405,789.00 for an Air Compressor and Electrical Upgrades
4. Brownsville Marine Products, LLC (Brownsville, PA) – $877,940.25 for an Automated Blast and Coat System
5. C&C Marine Maintenance – Congo Shipyard (Newell, WV) – $1,232,135.00 for a new Drydock
6. Hendry Corporation (Tampa, FL) – $1,000,000.00 for a new Drydock
7. Ice Floe, LLC dba Nichols Brothers Boat Builders (Freeland, WA) – $519,761.00 for 25 Ton and 40 Ton Mobile Cranes
8. Jamesbuilt, LLC (Calvert City, KY) – $882,150.00 for a One Side Panel Welding System
9. Marinette Marine Corporation (Marinette, WI) – $604,394.00 for a Dust Collection System and Air Compressors
10. MBLH Marine, LLC dba Vessel Repair (Port Arthur, TX) – $525,000.00 for a 20 Ton Tower Crane
11. Senesco Marine, LLC (North Kingstown, RI) – $279,677.00 for Launch Equipment and Software
12. Southwest Shipyard, LP (Channelview, TX) – $664,325.00 for a Stiffener Welding System
13. Yank Marine, Inc. (Tuckahoe, NJ) – $961,676.00 for a 300 Ton Marine Travelift

Pictured: Alaska Ship and Drydock‘s Ketchikan Dry Dock #1

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