Manson Construction to Construct the Largest Dredger in the United States

Mike Schuler
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September 22, 2020

An illustration of the Frederick Paup courtesy Manson Construction.

Seattle-based Manson Construction has awarded a contract to build the biggest hopper dredge ever built in the United States.

The contract was awarded Keppel AmFELS for construction at their facility in Brownsville, Texas.

The dredge, named Frederick Paup, is a 15,000 hopper dredge measuring 420-feet in length by 81-feet wide with a draft of 28.5-feet.

“We are pleased to be partnering with Keppel AmFELS, due to their impressive vessel construction capabilities. Their value proposition is strengthened by our shared focus on safety,” said John Holmes, Manson Construction Co. president.

The vessel is scheduled to be fully operational in spring 2023.

Manson Construction has been in business since 1905 constructing jetties, wharves, bridges and outfalls; performing hopper, clamshell and pipeline dredging; and providing off-shore operations. The company currently employs 800 people across North America.

Frederick Paup will represent the company’s single biggest investment in its 115 year history. Once completed, the self-propelled hopper dredge will be the largest in the United States.


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