Maersk reports: “no disruptions to traffic or passages through Suez”

Rob Almeida
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February 3, 2011

Maersk reported today that offices and terminals in Egypt, which have been closed since Monday, have reopened this morning for business.  With turmoil and uncertainty throughout the country, night terminal operations have been suspended as the below press release from Maersk explains.

Status of Maersk vessel operations in Egypt – Update 1700 hours CET, 3 Feb 2011

In spite of todays and yesterdays clashes particular in Cairo, ports are working during day hours. Port Said terminal opened again this morning at 1000 hours, and has been working at a reduced capacity during the day. There is still no night operation in place due to the tense situation.

It is the same picture in the port of Damietta which is working but at reduced productivity. In Alexandria the container yard of the port is heavily congested, and vessels which are to load more than discharging will get the priority to berth.

The Suez Canal is still kept open for transits and no disruptions to traffic or passages through Suez are expected.

There are no commercial restrictions in booking with Maersk Line to or via Egypt, but delay to cargo should be expected. In order to keep the Egyptian terminals operational, some cargo has been held back in transhipment or export ports before being loaded to Port Said, whilst other vessels have been diverted to alternative Mediterranean ports for discharge. Depending on how the situation develops it may be decided to deviate vessels currently awaiting berth. Specific contingencies will be communicated on a vessel basis.

We are following the situation intensively. will be kept updated with general updates as the situation develops.

Global Situation Room
Maersk Line Headquarters

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