Interesting Ship of the Week – Split Hull Oil Recover Vessel (SHORV)

Mike Schuler
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June 10, 2010

Earlier this week we challenged gCaptain readers in a contest to identify a rather odd looking ship (shown above).  Sure enough, the first commentor “Philip” nailed it, point us to the Wikipedia page of the German “Bottsand”class, also known as a split hull oil recovery vessel (SHORV).  According to the Bottsan class page:

The Bottsand class oil recovery ships (Type 738) of the German Navy are intended for seawater pollution control. The twin hull ships feature a bow which can be opened by 65 degrees. This creates an area of more than 40 m² to collect oil-polluted seawater. The water is pumped into the ship’s 790 m³ tank, where it will be cleaned and the oil separated. Per hour one ship can clean up to 140 m³ of ocean surface polluted with a 2 mm oil slick.

For detailed information on this class of ship, see the comment section in the contest post HERE or download THIS PDF and skip to page 4.

Thanks to everyone that took the time to research and comment.  “Philip”, would you please email admin (at) to receive your prize!

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