Industry’s Most Efficient Monohull Support Yacht Is Here

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September 14, 2022

Eco-Friendly Concept Emphasizes Accommodation and Adventure 

SHADOWCAT, the leading developer of catamaran support yachts, announces today that it has  expanded its portfolio to include a fully bespoke monohull shadow vessel. The new concept,  SHADOWOLF, is SHADOWCAT’s first single-hulled support yacht and is available to meet the  increasing demand for guest-level comfort and services. The vessel’s new hybrid hull design  focuses on passenger comfort and accommodation, while still enhancing adventures at sea.  SHADOWOLF perfectly supports a superyacht and is ideal for expanding options on multi-day  excursions, voyages into more remote locations, and/or for chartering or research purposes. 

Designed by SHADOWCAT partners Incat Crowther and YCTS, Ltd., the 69.2m SHADOWOLF offers  an 11.5m beam and 3.25m draft, and will be built upon Incat Crowther’s award-winning  aluminium hull design, enabling some of the highest speeds and superior efficiency of any  support yacht available on the market. 

Other SHADOWOLF features include a fully certified helipad and hangar, with accommodation  and storage over three decks. The support vessel has an impressive carrying capacity, including  space for a submarine, three 11m tenders, two 8m tenders, six jet-skis, two 4WDs and two quad  bikes. In addition to a 14 crew-member and nine service-personnel capacity, it has as  accommodation for eight guests or as extra resting space for crew from the main yacht. The total  complement is 31. 

“SHADOWOLF stands out in large part due to its hull being designed specifically for yacht-level  comfort whilst offering exceptional efficiency. It also allows owners to commission a fully  bespoke support yacht within a very competitive price range and delivery window via  SHADOWCAT’s network of builders around the world,” said Incat Crowther’s Dan Mace, technical  manager. “Incat Crowther is well-known for producing award-winning vessels on both catamaran  and monohull platforms, and we look forward to this ‘industry-first’ concept coming to life.” 

“The addition of a monohull concept to our portfolio is a natural next step for SHADOWCAT, and  firmly establishes us as the No. 1 support yacht developer in the industry. This latest innovative  concept delivers extreme comfort at sea, without the need to compromise on performance,  speed or customization options,” said Robert Smith, SHADOWCAT founder and YCTS director.  “Because developing shadow yachts is our sole focus, we can deliver a higher level of expertise  and vessel customization across multiple platforms, ensuring our clients’ operational needs are  surpassed.”

The vessel is powered by three MTU 16V4000 M73L IMO3 diesel engines and can reach a top  speed of 21 knots. In a unique design for modern support vessels, this model will meet or exceed  IMO Tier III emissions guidelines and has innovative green technology to reduce its impact on  the environment by providing a zero-discharge operational capability. An onboard treatment  plant cleans all wastewater discharged to a drinkable quality, wet and dry waste is also fully  treated onboard to allow the vessel to operate with a zero-discharge policy, to meet a “leave no  trace” philosophy. High levels of onboard comfort are aided by a pair of Naiad Dynamics AtRest  Stabilizers. 

SHADOWCAT will be available to discuss SHADOWOLF and the company’s other innovative vessel  designs during the Monaco Yacht Show, in Stand AL14 (located in QUAI ALBERT IER), from  September 28 through October 1, 2022. 


SHADOWCAT is an innovative, award-winning support yacht developer offering unmatched  experience and prestige. This line of bespoke shadow vessels, which includes both catamaran  and monohull platforms, was developed and designed by renowned naval architect and design  expert Incat Crowther, of Sydney, Australia and yacht industry authority YCTS, Ltd. Established in  2018, the working partnership has successfully completed three bespoke SHADOWCAT vessels,  including the award-winning 66-metre Hodor and 68-metre Wayfinder. These vessels are  products of respected Spanish shipyard Astilleros Armón, with a the third in the series due for  launch by summer 2022. 

About Incat Crowther 

Incat Crowther is a diversified marine design business with offices in Sydney, Australia, Lafayette,  Louisiana, USA and Romsey, United Kingdom. The company has a 40-year history with over 600  vessels in service to its designs. The company has a diverse product portfolio, including  monohull, catamaran and trimaran hullforms with composite, aluminium and steel construction  for a range of sectors, including commercial, recreational, military and passenger. For more  information contact [email protected]  

About YCTS, Ltd. 

Developed in 2009 by a group of individuals with extensive yacht and commercial vessel  experience, YCTS Ltd. is today a leading authority for professional technical consultation in the  yacht industry. Led by Class I Chief and Surveyor Robert Smith, YCTS has been a vital resource  for build development, construction and project management, and yacht technical support and  management for prestigious vessels and fleets worldwide. 

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