I want to ba an Ocean Ranger

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February 28, 2008

Seven Seas Mariner in Skagway, Ak

…not really, the cadence actually sounds more alluring than the job. I’d like to see the old Love Boat series glamorize this position. Come to think of it, the love boat engineers were never seen or heard from.

The State of Alaska has legislated that large commercial passenger vessels entering the marine waters of the state is required to have a marine engineer licensed by the United States Coast Guard hired or retained by the department on board the vessel to act as an independent observer for the purpose of monitoring state and federal requirements pertaining to marine discharge and pollution requirements and to insure that passengers, crew and residents at ports are protected from improper sanitation, health and safety

Here’s an excerpt from MarineLink.com’s post: Alaska Selects Crowley to Monitor Cruise ShipsThe contract, valued at up to $4 million per fiscal year, directs Crowley to recruit, hire, train, and organize the logistics of placing up to 35 Ocean Rangers on board cruise ships this season to monitor their wastewater discharges and compliance with other pollution requirements for the state. Ocean Rangers are required as part of a new law adopted by the citizens of Alaska – the Alaska Cruise Ship Initiative- in 2006.


This post was written by Richard Rodriguez, Rescue Tug Captain, and US Coast Guard approved instructor for License Training. You can read more of his articles at the BitterEnd

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