Greenpeace Protestors Sideline U.S.-Bound Bulk Carrier in Brazil

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May 21, 2012

A bulk carrier scheduled to pick up a cargo of pig iron destined for the U.S. is stuck at anchor near Sao Luis, Brazil after Greenpeace protestors have attached themselves to the vessels anchor chain, preventing it from moving.

Greenpeace's new Rainbow Warrior staging vessel. Photo (c) Greenpeace

The 31,883 dwt bulk carrier M/V Clipper Hope was first boarded on May 14th when Elissama de Oliveira Menezes, a 20 year-old activist from Brazil, climbed onto the chain to protest the use of pig iron largely by U.S. automakers. New research, according to Greenpeace, shows how pig iron, which is used in the production of steel and is exported from Brazil ready for processing, is linked to helping destroy the Amazon rainforest and even contributing to slave labor in the region.

The protest was launched from Greenpeace’s new vessel, the Rainbow Warrior, which is in the Amazon on a two month tour to highlight the importance of protecting the rainforest, to expose who is responsible for its destruction and to champion the solutions needed to achieve the end of deforestation in Brazil.

Menezes was joined Monday by activist and actress Q’orianka Kilcher, known for her role as Pocahontas in Terence Malik’s 2006 Oscar nominated “The New World”.

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