Giant Crane Collapses at Falmouth Docks

Mike Schuler
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May 10, 2017

The collapsed crane at Falmouth Docks in Cornwall, England, May 10, 2017.

The giant crane boom at Falmouth Docks in Cornwall, England collapsed on Wednesday, causing the evacuation of the site but amazingly nobody was hurt in the accident.

Officials in Cornwall said they started receiving calls at about just before 9 a.m. reporting that the crane at Falmouth Docks had collapsed resulting in damage to nearby cylinders holding the inflammable substance acetylene, causing a leak of the gas. As a result all personnel were temporarily evacuated from the docks and a next door facility.

In a statement, owner of the facility A&P Falmouth confirmed there were no injuries in the incident, adding that a full health investigation will take place.

According to reports, the crane was working on the Royal Fleet Auxiliary tanker Tidespring when the crane operator suspected something was wrong and maneuvered the boom away from the ship. The tanker was not damaged in the incident.

One firefighter sustained injuries during the response.

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