gCaptain Extends Military Discount To Hospital Ship Crews, The Ready Reserve Fleet and Merchant Marine Veterans

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April 6, 2019

USNS Comfort, a U.S. military hospital ship, sits next to the pier as crew members load supplies to prepare to depart Norfolk Naval Station, Norfolk, US Navy photo by Justin Diniro

Since launch gCaptain has proudly honored all students, teachers, and military, including Coast Guard and Military Sealift Command crew members, with a full 20% discount off all gCaptain Merchandise. 

Last month gCaptain was honored by American Merchant Marine Veterans (AMMV) to spend a few days in Tampa Florida with America’s most unsung heroes alongside the intrepid journalist Rita Cosby, Rear Admiral Mark Buzby and WWII US Merchant Marine veteran Dave Yoho.

Speaking at the event John Konrad, CEO of gCaptain, encouraged all mariners who have served in War and Peace to help get the word out and support our shipmates still fighting for veteran status by proudly wearing a US Merchant Marine veterans hat.

Moved by the stories of merchant marine veterans, today gCaptain is extending our Military Discount to all veterans of the US Merchant Marine AND Merchant Navy veterans of all countries that promote peace and freedom of navigation on the high seas.  

In addition to veterans we also want to honor today’s most unsung heroes. Active duty personal are frequently reminded of the importance of their service but, when natural disaster or war erupts a fleet of ships stand ready to protect human life. Hospital ships run by both government and nonprofit  organizations like Mercy Ships, Ready Reserve Ships in reduced operational status and prepositioned ships at anchor in remote locations like Diego Garcia stand ready to jump into service at a moments notice.

Most of these ships are manned by skeleton crews working with impossibly small budgets and little support. Many of these mariners have never been thanked for the hard work and sacrifices they provide to keep their, often old and tired, ships ready to help.

gCaptain thanks you!

For a limited time gCaptain honors all those who have served on US Merchant Marine, Merchant Navy and allied ships – AND all those currently working on ALL Hospital Ships, Ready Reserve, ROS and preposition ships – with a full military discount. 

To use this discount click on this link or use coupon code ThankYou2019 at checkout. 

NB: Because these heroes have no military ID, no DD214, no official status we can not verify status. As such we offer this discount for a limited time only and on the honor system. Please do not use this code if you have never stepped aboard a ship.

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