costa concordia investigation report

Full Costa Concordia Investigation Report Released

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May 24, 2013

The Costa The lifeboats were moored inside the harbor pier before dawn. The grounded ship sank in background.

Nearly a year and a half after the Costa Concordia hit rocks in Giglio, killing 32 people and partially sinking along the coast of the small Mediterranean island, Italy’s Ministry of Infrastructures and Transports has released its long-awaited marine casualty investigation surrounding the incident.

The report is lengthy, but I think its findings can be summed up in this one sentence copied from the report’s SUMMARY:

The ship was sailing too close to the coastline, in a poorly lit shore area, under the Master’s command who had planned to pass at an unsafe distance at night time and at high speed (15.5 kts).

And that’s just the biginning of the drama that consequently unfolded. We encourage you download and read the full report HERE (Large Download).

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