Former Miami Dolphins Player Falls From Boat, Swims 9 Miles to Shore

Mike Schuler
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January 11, 2015

Robert Konrad

A ex-Miami Dolphins football player saved himself from certain death by swimming a reported 9 miles to shore after falling overboard from his fishing boat in the Atlantic ocean.

Former Miami Dolphins player Rob Konrad told police that he was headed to the Bahamas from Deerfield Beach in southern Florida on Wednesday when he slipped and fell overboard from his 36-foot fishing boat, which then motored away on autopilot, according to media reports.

Konrad said he was in the water for an astonishing 12 hours and he saved himself by swimming 9 miles to shore, reaching the shores Palm Beach at about 4:40 a.m. on Thursday. Remarkably, Konrad was suffering only from a case of hypothermia, for which he was hospitalized but has since been released. His boat was later found washed up on the beach at Grand Bahamas Island.

Konrad, who is now 38, was drafted in 1999 by the Miami Dolphins and was a fullback on the team through the 2004 season.


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