Fighting Piracy with Education: University of Greenwich Offer World’s First Masters Degree in Maritime Security

Mike Schuler
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February 10, 2012

The University of Greenwich says it will soon be offering the world’s first Masters degree in Maritime Security that is designed to help the international shipping industry tackle sea-based threats including piracy and terrorism as well as issues affecting environmental and energy security.

To develop the course, the University of Greenwich teamed up its School of Engineering and Natural Resources Institute (NRI), Marine Insurance and Maritime Crime Consultants, and the Security Association for the Maritime Industry (SAMI), and draws on the institute’s strengths in maritime management, policy and history as well as the university’s wider expertise in engineering, technology, energy, environmental science and the Law of the Sea.

“The whole planet depends on safe, secure shipping,” said Professor Chris Bellamy, Director of the Greenwich Maritime Institute.  “Almost every day we hear about issues such as pirates in the Indian Ocean, the Gulf of Guinea and the Malacca Strait; port security, not to mention the melting Arctic, rising sea levels, maritime oil and gas, wind and tidal issues. The maritime industry needs educated people with the informed vision to deal with these threats and opportunities. This course can help to provide the professional development which is so vitally needed.”

The program looks to attract interest from people currently working or seeking employment in senior roles in the armed services, the private maritime and shipping sector, private security firms, government bodies and law enforcement agencies.

The University of Greenwich says that the first courses will start this fall at the university’s campus in the Old Royal Naval College located within the Maritime Greenwich World Heritage site.  Obtaining the degree will take one year for full-time students and two years for part-time.

“The maritime security industry has come a long way in stressing its professional credentials,” said SAMI Founder, Peter Cook. “The creation of this Masters degree is yet another stage in this development and we would encourage all those considering a career in the highest echelons of this rapidly growing industry to join this course.”

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